Saturday, 16 March 2013

A little shameless bragging

Today, please allow me a little shameless bragging. A couple of things have happened lately that were the direct result of some good ole', old-fashioned hard work and I think they are worth noting here because they are a part of all the change. As soon as they'd happened too, as I was basking in my glory, life came roaring up the beach and dumped cold water on me again, so it is nice to revisit and acknowledge them.

Some of you (hi, Mum!) might have noticed that I was a little quiet here over the Christmas/New Year period, and maybe I haven't regained my momentum yet. There were two reasons for that, one of which was that I was head down, bum up trying to finish my Diploma of Editing (Publishing). After nearly three years of self-paced learning, the pace of which would have made a sloth scoff, I did three months' work in ten days, and I finished it! My Diploma arrived while I was in Montreal last month.

Last year I edited the biggest publication my organisation has published to date—a 96-page, hardcover book, part catalogue, part biography, about an artist with whom we have worked very closely. It is in my top three professional experiences in my nearly-eight years on the job. It just got reviewed in Imprint magazine, as did the exhibition it supported. The review was glowing. The reviewer even commented on how well-edited the catalogue was. I mean, when does that happen? No one ever notes the editing, it's always about the writing, as it should be, but still that was nice to read.

When I move to Canada I will be setting up my own freelance editing and proofreading business. I am really looking forward to a shift in focus. I've already got one client lined up; and armed with my qualification and buoyed by a good review, I am feeling pretty good about that right now.

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