Friday, 23 November 2012

An Ode* to Aburi Salmon

Dear Aburi Salmon
I love you
You rock my world.
How happy was I the day we first met?
The merging of flash-searing, mayonnaise and salmon
- three of my most very favourite things -
Combined in a perfect storm of flavour.
How appropriate that I buy you from an outlet called Sushi Paradise.
Nirvana of ricedom.
And you are only $8.
$8 ... $8!?
Every time I finish you
I wish I had bought two.

You make a crappy working day resplendent.
You haunt my foodie dreams.
You make me fight to only see you once a week.
On Thursdays. Pay day.
The serving girls reach for you now as I walk in.
We are as one.
Aburi Salmon, you are perfection.
And I love you.

*with apologies to actual poets. But seriously, the aburi salmon at Sushi Paradise, in Grafton St, Cairns, iz the shiz! It is my go-to if I am having a shitty day, or just generally feel the need to spoil myself. I bet you have a special lunchtime treat that you save for those days when you really need something to put an unqualified smile on your dial. It is such simple pleasures that make life worthwhile, non?

PS the little love heart of spring onion pictured above absolutely just appeared of its own accord on this week's purchase - it'd been a tough week, the God of Aburi must have thought I needed a little something extra. Straight after I took that picture, I dropped my phone right on top of it. Splat!

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